Universal Pre-K

Universal PreK is funded by the New York City Department of Education.  Gateway City Academy Has been a provider of Universal PreK since 2007.  In 2007 we started with 21 children and now several years later Gateway has 147 Universal Prek students.  Gateway's Universal PreK serves people of all nationalities and faiths. We provide small group instruction to the children who are just starting to learn the English Language.

Gateway provides a carefully planned prekindergarten learning environment that validates children's abilities to learn through hands-on approach and provides opportunities for a broad range of activities and open-ended materials highlighted by opportunities to talking, verbal exchanges, thinking, listening, read alouds, story telling, painting, drawing, writing, dramatic play, block building, outdoor play, cooking experiences, instructional field tips, and small/whole group discussions.

In each classroom we establish key learning centers with carefully chosen age appropriate educational materials that provide curiosity and exploration.  

Those centers are: Blocks, Housekeeping, Puzzles and Math Manipulatives, Art and Clay Modeling Materials, Music and Movement, Gross Motor Development in our full size gym, Reading and Writing Centers, Sand and Water Play Center, Science Center, Computer Center 

Within these centers and the teacher providing thematic lessons, activities and read aloud books, Literacy, Vocabulary, Mathematic, Scientific, Social Emotional development, Social Studies, etc. concepts and information is introduced.  A tremendous amount of learning, growth and development takes place over the PreK year.  Some of the themes which the teachers plan carefully instructional lessons of all the learning areas mentioned above are : All About Me, Plants, Hygiene and Caring for Yourself, Fall and Harvest, Holiday Celebrations, Winter, trucks and Transportation, The Five Sense, Community Helpers, etc.
The information, lessons and activities are aligned with the New York State Department of Education's Common Core Standards.
Universal PreK is open to four year olds or those children turning four by December 31st of that school year.  Each UPK child must be a resident of N.Y.C. and be up to date on their immunizations.

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